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Who are elevator consultants? Elevator consultants are specialized industry experts who practice in an undefined profession.

In many jurisdictions there are no requirements for starting an elevator consultant firm thus allowing anyone to call themselves an elevator consultant. So how can you assure yourself of expert competency? One way is to look for elevator licensing required in jurisdictions such as Ontario’s TSSA. (Technical Standards and Safety Association), which place some requirements on Consultants.

Who can legally inspect your elevators?

In all jurisdictions there are requirements to Work in and around elevators. These are often the same needed to carry out the necessary inspections and test required to perform the services of a competent elevator consultant. This could include a Special Electrician’s License. However, a more stringent due diligence approach would include the requirement of the elevator industry’s Journeyman Elevator Mechanic designation, (JEM) or the TSSA designation EDM-A. This gives the elevator consultant unrestricted abilities to inspect, test and even dismantle your vertical transportation equipment. Do they have a business license?

This will ensure your elevators and more importantly the elevator passengers aren’t placed at risk as a result of an unsafe inspection process which can have immediate and long term effects.