Elevator Maintenance Audit | Inspect & Report - Elevator Systems Professionals

Maintenance Audit

Building owners and managers trust ESP to provide sound advice and quality work when they’re dealing with elevator maintenance issues. You should be getting the maintenance you’re paying for – and we can help evaluate our current maintenance plan as well as the overall state of your elevator systems. 

When you book a maintenance audit through ESP, you’ll receive:

  • Professional advice on how to deal with your current concerns (long wait times, frequent breakdowns, noisy or rough ride, poor leveling, etc.)
  • Detailed reports on any deficient conditions (performance, maintenance, operation, safety and code violations, etc.)
  • A performance rating of your elevator system compared with a new and/or modernized elevator
  • An analysis of obsolete equipment and how it may be affecting maintenance
  • An understanding of custom written maintenance contracts – and whether your current contract is helping you reduce liability and cost
  • Information on the systems your competition is using

Our experts are all certified EDM-A specialists and Journeyman Elevator Mechanics, each with over 40 years of experience working with all major manufacturers. We will review your equipment through visual inspections, log book reviews, performance recordings, and photographs and provide unbiased recommendations on the best way to solve your current – and potential future – challenges.

ESP also offers comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure your elevators are functioning to their full potential for a long time to come.If you choose to move forward with service, replacement, or modernization projects, we’ll work with you to plan projects that will meet your budget requirements and keep your building operational with minimal downtime.