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Destination Control

A well designed destination control system dramatically reduces the time your passengers spend waiting for and riding in an elevator and improves security and peace of mind for everyone who uses your elevators – boosting their impression of your entire building.

Our custom designed destination control systems move people more efficiently, ensuring their experience is calm and orderly. Using artificial intelligence to learn and forecast traffic flows within the building, the control system measures traffic patterns and switches its optimization routines to ensure increased capacity and shorter wait times – no matter how busy the system might be.ESP is a leader in the emerging specialty of destination control, working in buildings of all sizes with a wide range of passenger needs.

Traditional systems ask passengers to wait in a crowd and then rush into the first elevator that arrives. They then struggle to get to the buttons to select their floor, then ride an elevator that stops at every floor along the way that’s been selected by another passenger.

ESP’s destination control systems ask passengers to select their destination, then guide them to an elevator that’s been designed to take them – and a limited number of other passengers – to a specific range of floors. Because they have been assigned a place in the elevator, boarding is 

calm and orderly and they are able to reach their destination more comfortably – and ultimately, faster than if they’d been using a traditional elevator system.